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Vyasa Puja Celebrations at Brisbane, Australia.

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Dearest Guru Maharaja.
Please accept our humble obeisances.
All Glories to His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada
All glories to Your Divine Grace.

Happy Appearance day !

Here in Brisbane, Australia we celebrated Your Vyasa Puja on Monday 22nd.

The program started around 5:00 with kirtan led by Deva Gaura Hari prabhu and Vrajadhama prabhu
Soon after Deva Gaura Hari prabhu invited the attendees to pay their homages to Your Holiness.

The temple was very nicely decorated and the altar also by Sukervari Rani d.d and more devotees co-operated very nicely to decorate this Vyasa Puja celebration in the temple.

Pushpanjali offering and kirtan was led by Deva Gaura Hari prabhu,Guru Puja was performed by Vrajadhama prabhu and then we had a wonderful ekadasi prasadam feast cooked by Sukesvari mataji, Vraja laxmi mataji and JaySri mataji

thank you Guru Maharaj!!
From your spiritual children in Brisbane temple

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